Eagle Creek Recovery Center - Restoring lives, dignity, and destinies!

There is Hope! 
We help men who are caught in the vicious cycle of drug addiction, gambling, and alcoholism by providing a four month residential program that enables them to discover and overcome life issues that have fueled their chemical dependency.
Eagle Creek Recovery Center is located in East Texas, thirty miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana and three hours east of Dallas, Texas.  The daily schedule has a variety of learning experiences such as classroom lectures, small personal groups, and one-on-one counseling. Students also share in daily chores and work assignments.  The four month program is strategically designed to equip the men with the spiritual and practical tools necessary to live free and full lives.  Residents who wish to further their development in freedom from addiction can apply to our Transitional Living Program. This phase of the program allows each Eagle Creek graduate a safe and seamless transition back into everyday life.